Who We Are

A passion for automation.

OpenTAP was born on a rainy afternoon in the city of Aalborg, Denmark.

Inspired by “gypsy brewers” who collaborate with established breweries to create their own recipes, OpenTAP is a shared workshop to contribute, collaborate and create automation solutions.

Since its beginning in a startup, and later as a Keysight Technologies product, the OpenTAP team has believed in the power of automation to create a more efficient world.

For over a decade the tenets behind our work have always been focused on simplicity, scalability and speed for users. With OpenTAP, we open the doors to brewing something great together.

Our Mission

A test automation solution built on simplicity, scalability, and speed that improves the world.

Our Vision

To make automation easier and accessible for all.   We love to experiment and innovate and we invite you to do the same with OpenTAP.

Working together, we will inspire and teach one another better ways to automate.